Web basement

OrganisationA good feeling

Web Basement is an event organized within a school by the work group DWM, and for the DWM. For 24 hours, the Web students will fight with determination, bathed in beer and sweat.

The group was constituted of 5 members with no pre-defined role. The division of the work happened naturally and the visual identity of the 2015 web basement was entrusted to me.

During the initial meetings, a decision was made to review the largest part of the old visual identity of the event and modernize it. Therefore, my researches started with the old website and banner, allowing me to analyse and chose whether to keep or lose some of their elements.

Project Web basement picture of the design's footer of the website .

VisualA new identity

The 5 of us together worked towards updating the contents and target the information that we felt were fundamental. Once this part of the work was finished, I have been able to establish the first wireframes and submit them to my colleagues. Benefiting from fairly positive views from my colleagues, I then launched the design.

The header had to draw the eye on itself and offer a desire to know more about the event for the users, therefore I chose a reminder of the banner, that gives an abstract and vivid look to the website. For the remaining parts of this website, I played on sober colours and layout in order to give better exposure to both the members’ projects and the sponsors. The selected fonts were ‘Roboto’ that works particularly well with capital letters thanks to its geometric style, and the ‘Source Sans Pro’ that has been especially designed for the body of texts.

PostersAn abstract serie

After having defined the graphic chart, I have been able to start working on the banners of the event, side by side. The result that I wanted to obtain was very figurative. After several attempts, nothing was of satisfaction. The researches then were again started and I happened to find watercolour pictures that made me think about bursts of ideas and nervous endings.

From there sprouted the idea to make a series of banners instead of creating a single one. Following the teachers’ advice, I produced some tests on paper. As I had never used watercolours before, the results were not conclusive. Also, an additional problem was adding itself to the challenge: the paper was curling because of the water, but still had to undergo printing for the text and the sponsors. We therefore had to give up on this idea, and reoriented on printing textures. Following a friend’s advice, I eventually found textures of diluted ink in water on ‘cgtextures’, a website that is very much used in 3D.

The printing test could therefore finally be produced, and any small issue was quickly resolved, and the final printing could be launched.

Project web basement picture of a poster