Relaxation A quick search

‘Chill-out’ is an app that has been fashioned within a workshop group of 4. It is an application that offers the user to relax at anytime, anywhere, and in only 3 minutes.

Before the workshop, we already have to think, individually, about 5 different themes. We then had to gather all our ideas in pairs in order to select the idea that would be the most exploitable.

After being validated, the groups of 4 took shape and the decision was made to explore the direction of the relaxation through a smartphone. Our aim was to offer the user an innovative and user-friendly app.

Project Chill-out picture of the three practices

PracticeA rule of three

From the start, we established a rule of ‘3’, on the basis of a theory that someone can relax in 3 minutes. We therefore explored every corner of this theme. From there emerged several exercises; breathing, luminotherapy and yoga.

Yoga was quickly forgotten as it was requiring time and space from the user. Instead, we chose to give the user the possibility to give vent to their feelings if they were too anxious.

With 3 final exercises, we were able to define the different screens and steps of the application. With the ‘freestyle’ part of the app, came the idea to calculate the stress levels of the person in order to target and direct them towards the most suitable exercices. Thanks to this step, personal stats could be put into place.

Design A bad way

Once the content was decided on and the flux direction confirmed, the design was able to start.

The first design we created was heavy and of quite dark colours, it did not correspond to the lightness of relaxation. Several days were needed for us to realize that we were missing on the very core idea of relaxation. By trying to take a bit of distance on our project in order to judge of its good development, we went through a massive re-evalutaion on the design we were putting in place that was, actually, out of tone.

Following from this failure, we had to reconsider the prime objective of our application in order to return within the theme of relaxation. This reconsideration has been extremely beneficial as it allowed us to really recalibrate on the core of our application and its true aim.

Therefore, we forgot the dark colours and instead opted for light, soft colours and gradients. The design was turning airy, fresh and was eventually reflecting our application.

Project Chill-out picture of the main screen in the application

CodeAs far as possible

The instructions from the workshop were not compelling us to create an app that was 100% usable. However, we had decided to go as far as possible in its completion.

The architecture of the app has been coded fairly quickly. The complications arose when we had to play with codes that we had never used.

Nevertheless, we were never losing sight of our goal; we wanted for the project to be usable at its full capability. We therefore had to divide the work into two; one person would look adter creating the screen for the stress levels calculations whilst another part would be taking care of the meters and “localStorage”. The remaining two group members would have the task to bring the last finishing touches to the presentation, the case study and landing page.