Modem 56k A strange keyword

The project around the 56k modem was created within the project conception class. The aim was to learn and get information on an imposed keyword and to make the content of our researches attractive for a verbal presentation. The only constraint was to generate an information reading through images based on the laws of La Gestalt.

When I received the keyword ‘56K’ I first wondered what I could do with that. I carried out brief researches however the topic, at first glance, did not appealed to me in any way. I continued researching in a more in-depth manner. As the introduction on the subject had been done, I oriented towards more concrete things such as pictures or videos, and then articles.

Project 56k picture of the operation of the modem 56k

InformationsA big filtering

I gathered as much information as possible. Since I didn’t know yet which direction I was going to take, I retained everything that was written and genuine, but also everything that could be more fun, such as ‘memes’, music, or even certain articles. I even pushed it as far as doing some ‘PrintScreen’ of the search results.

After analysing everything I could find, I organized the information by category, i.e. serious articles and images on one side, fin articles and images on the other side, and an additional category for videos. Afterwards, the information was once again filtered to define what was appropriate and exploitable. Filtering this data allowed me to target the visual content.

In order to make the content more attractive, I chose to make some calculation comparing the speed of the 56k modem against current ones, using explicit elements.

ColorA new palette

For this projects, I was keen to explore colours that I was not familiar with in my work, along with more rounded shapes. I therefore used a dark background and flashy colours.

Throughout my research, I happened to find a lot of pictures that were making fun of the sluggishness of this modem, these mockeries inspired me with the setup of the title for my project. I then created, with the help of Photoshop, a gif that downloads the title to the same speed than a 56k modem would have done with any picture.

Then, we had to submit our presentation as a website. The verbal presentation therefore had to be written, but in a way that could offer the user an appealing and clear read.

Thus I remodelled the content as a written text, and reviewed some of my illustrations in order to obtain a better integration to the layout.

Project 56k representation of sound