Liriope game

Card gameA personnal project

The ‘Liriope Game’ is a personnal project that is still under construction. I wanted to carry out an in-depth exploration of the ‘low poly’ technique, that I had previously used in a very basic way in my application ‘Chill-out’. I chose to use that technique through the means of a card game as it was an idea I had for some time already.

In that card game, the mentioned themes are the 5 continents through the ages. Each ‘family’ represents a continent at a given time. The name of ‘Liriope’ points out the narcissist aspect of this process. Indeed, Litriope, within the Greek mythology, was Narcisse’s mother.

Projet Liriope game image de quatre cartes représentant les quatre familles.

ThemeAn exploration of cultures

Just like a basic card game, I first started with the characters from the Middle Ages. Each family of cards had to be represented by certain people around me. But the more I thought about it, the more the idea seemed to be very common. I therefore preferred going further and explore cultures.

I first thought about the time of the pharaos and then more specifically Africa. It is at that precise moment that I had the idea to illustrate the 5 continents. The choices were as follows: France for the Hearts, Egypte for the Spades, Mexico for the diamonds, and finally, Japan for the clubs . Easter Island was choser to decorate the back side of the cards.

I was not seeking to reinvent characters that have been. Nevertheless, all the strongest cards such as the king, the king and the jack are directly inspired by the fashion, beliefs and culture of the targeted time. The king and queen would be represented, as usual, by rulers. For the jack, I wanted more of a poetic aspect and a less common one by giving it the picture of an emblematic animal. The ace is defined by a very desirable weapon during the selected era.

Low polyA long work

I first setup the graphic system of each family of cars and defined the main colour schemes. Then, | gathered all the necessary documentation to create all the ‘special’ cards of the game. For those, I always use real pictures in order not to creat any incoherence with the colours and shadows.

The cards numbered from 2 to 10 have been quick to be established. Exponent seemed to me more original and in line with the graphics than the representation with the appropriate number of hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs.

To make the special cards, I started by cutting each image according to the colour scheme that was defining one area. Then, that same area was divided into smaller shapes that would then be put the finishing touches to when the zone is entirely divided. I selected the colour for each shape by referring to real colours, but also to colours that were previously selected on other ‘low poly’.

Project Liriope game picture of a card of the game in progress